The Vision Steppers


Vision = Creativity

The Vision Steppers

Vision: The Ability To See Clearly What is Inspired by God.

Focus & Precision

The Vision Steppers 

Gospel Step Team 

“Do you know what Vision Step is? Check what the definition is ’cause step is what we’re doing for God and the rest is that we define what the best is. Now that’s the definition of Vision Steppers…..”©~ Nique

Who are Vision Steppers?

Vision: is the ability to see clearly that which is inspired from God.  This step team is more than just a team, we are a family. We vary in culture, size, and age, but the one thing we have in common is that we step with a positive message for all people. The goal is to inspire others, especially today’s generation, to be courageous and supportive and stand for all that they believe. As a member of the team, these young women learn patience, courage, honesty, trust, love, responsibility, and have found a place that they can call “home away from home.” The team dares to be different by stepping for the Lord and not just to win competitions or entertain others. This is their second family and they chose this group because share the joy we receive from stepping.

Dabe James ~  Founder / Director

Charles “JaPan” Hall~ Coach

Toni Henderson – Co-Captain

Jaylynn Palacios  ~ Co-Captain

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